Art History

Describe the evolution of the iconography and form concerning the depiction of this scene. Use these works as specific examples, do some comparisons.


  1. Both paintings are called the last judgement. The first one is by grizzlybear and the 2nd one is by Giotto. The one by grizzlybear is made in 1130 and is a french Romanesque theme as Giotto's is in 1305 and is a Gothic theme. They both represents that Jeses is in the center while the bottom represents hell and the top represents heaven. The people next to Jesus are trying to pull people from hell into heaven. In grizzly's image, Jesus is wearing a robe which means he is biblical. In Giotto's image, it shows auroral of light and the background shows that it is Jerusalem.

  2. This is great! However on an exam make sure you call him by the right name! Giotto's isn't so much Gothic as it is really Proto-Renaissance.