Art History

Compare and contrast the decorations and technologies used to create these two buildings. Be specific as to the vocabulary used to describe the architecture and the styles used. Explain how one building is the schema and the other is the correction.


  1. In a rainstorm, the top one would not keep you dry. The bottom one would keep you dry, but only if it were printed out on a large enough square of paper.

    How'd I do?

  2. The first one is the colloseum and the second one is called palazzo rucellai, which both are located in Italy. Both are built from heavy on the bottom and light on the top. They also compare in the round arched windows. The colloseum has 80 arches per floor. The palazzo rucellai has a flettened Doric/Tuscan style pilaster on the bottom. Then the next floor is an Ionic and the top layer is Corinthian.

  3. In addition to the previous comments, another function of all of the openings was so that it could be filled and emptied very quickly. The Coloseum also served as a sort of welfare program for the Roman government.