So when I started my series of paintings and my fiction competition I never imagined that there would actually be real people who shared the names with some of my characters.  There are.

I got an e-mail from Dr. D. Mencher yesterday!  
This is what he wrote:
Hi Kenney,

The world is strange, indeed.

I am Dr David Mencher, but I dont look anything like your illustration. I also grew up in NY (Brooklyn) and attended Hunter College (now Lehman), graduated 1968.

We went to the same college in the Bronx and his father's name is the same as my grandfather (Leo).  Did my grandpa have a secret life are we related? 

He looks like this:
Here's his doppelganger:

I also got a message from a Mrs. Liza Lott on the posting for her:

My name is Liza Lott I am 30 years old & live in FL. This picture looks eerily similar to me...what's the history of it?

PS. I find this whole thing very bizarre and a little freaky. 

Here's her picture:

 Here's Liza Lott's doppelganger :

The reception for the show is coming soon!

The exhibit:    
Renovated Reputations: Recent Paintings by Kenney Mencher
ArtHaus Gallery 411 Brannan Street San Francisco, CA 94107-1703
(415) 977-0223

Friday April 8th 6PM-8PM

Come in retro costume:
We're having a free photobooth and who knows, maybe you could be Mencher's next portrait!

Renovated Reputations is the result of an internet blogging project in which paintings and assemblages based on vintage and antique vernacular photography are the inspiration for short fiction.  The blog, which gets between one hundred to two hundred and fifty visitors a day, is the nexus point.  Each week between seven to ten authors from the U.S. and U.K. submitted short fiction of one thousand words or less compete to win an original work of art that is the basis for the story.  The stories and assemblages are then coupled with great graphic design and photo illustration to create an environment that compliment the two.
The catalog and the book are collaborative joints between myself, and a dirty dozen or authors such as professor Mark Brosamer,  pulp author Steven D. Rogers of PulpFest fame, Dreamworks animator/cartoonist Brian Newlin, columnist Gigi De Vault and others. 
Each painting and story are a unique standalone entity – combined in a show and print they’ll kill ya! 
Download it as a PDF.

Sincerely (I mean it!)
Kenney Mencher

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  1. Hi Ken and Dr Dave

    Quess us Mench's are with some importance and mystery

    Leo - don't think he had time to do two....

    Dave - another Dave was famous in Hollywood - most animals in films came from his training facility - His son was a hearing expert and works out of Nova Scotia

    Ken - now what?s