New Draft of the Catalog that will be produced for the Show!

For those of you interested, I'm doing a twelve page tabloid newspaper style catalog with the majority of the stories in it.

Here's a link to it as draft:

I'm giving these out for free and I will send each author a bunch of copies.

I'm also still designing a limited edition book that I will include an original drawing in it.  (Each book will have a unique handmade drawing in the front blank pages.

Let me know if you're interested in buying one of these.  I'm not sure what the cost will be.

Go to my site for more info about the show.  
Click on the fiction competition link!


  1. Looks fun to read! Great job!

  2. I think its a little to busy, all the stories blend together, just mop.

  3. Thanks Grace! What does just mop mean?

  4. It looks great! Can't wait to see the print copy.