I'm looking for a publisher or agent who works with picture books for adults.

I'm looking for an agent or publisher (or just some advice) to help me with this project. A whiff of Edward Hopper, a blast of Mickey Spillane, a rrowf of David Lynch, Renovated Reputations and Manufactured Memoirs is an illustrated anthology of short stories in which Griffin and Sabine collide with neo-noir fiction.  This book has humor, sex, and a "whack  a mole" story.

Renovated Reputations is the result of an internet blogging project in which paintings and assemblages based on vintage and antique vernacular photography are the inspiration for short fiction. 

The blog, which gets between one hundred to two hundred and fifty visitors a day, is the nexus point.  Each week between seven to ten authors from the U.S. and U.K. submitted short fiction of one thousand words or less compete to win an original work of art that is the basis for the story.

The stories and assemblages are then coupled with great graphic design and photo illustration to create an environment that compliment the two. The book is a collaborative joint between myself, an artist with a national reputation and proven track record.  (I’m also a professor of Art and Art History at Ohlone College in Fremont where I also am the director of the Louie Meager Art Museum and the author of the text book Liaisons, Reading in Art, Philosophy and History.  The authors are a dirty dozen or so such as author professor Mark Brosamer,  pulp author Steven D. Rogers of PulpFest fame, Dreamworks animator/cartoonist Brian Newlin, columnist Gigi De Vault and others. 

The impetus for this project is based in a solo show of paintings in I am having at ArtHaus Gallery in San Francisco in April 2011.

The show is called Renovated Reputations: Paintings and Fiction inspired by Vintage Portrait Photographs.  If we work fast we can market the  book in conjunction with the exhibit. 

Each story is a unique standalone entity – combined in
one volume, they’ll kill ya!
it as a PDF.

Sincerely (I mean it!)

Prof. Kenney Mencher
Department of Art and Art History 
Director Louie Meager Art Gallery Ohlone College, 43600 Mission Blvd. 
Fremont, California 94539 
Phone: (510) 979-7916

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Here are sample pages from the book:

are some of the paintings the stories are based on.

Isabelle Ringing 20"x16" oil and mixed media  on masonite panel

Betty Million
11"x14" oil and mixed media on masonite

(wishbones, bookpages, ephemera)

Chastity Beldt
10"x8" oil and mixed 
media on masonite

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