Painting the last female character and the male's face.

Here's my studio with my fancy Stoke stool and my Ikea rolling cart.
Now I begin with the darks which are made from lamp black and alizarin crimson.

The blue sweatshirt is actually just lamp black and white. Essentially a cool gray that looks blue in the context of so much burnt umber. I learned that trick from looking at some Peter Paul Ruben's oil sketches.
Working up the flesh tones which are made from cadmium orange, black, white, crimson, burnt sienna and some fairy dust.
Working out the face and hair. Some of the highlights in the hair are the purple gray that I get when I mix lamp black, alizarin crimson and white together.

The pants are payne's gray and white. The purse is just burnt umber, burnt sienna, and some yellow ochre in the lighter areas. Highlights are burnt umber and white.
Okay, the woman is done and now to paint Tim (the guy.)

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