Working on Tim's Face

I procrastinated all day and didn't start painting until around 1:30! I did manage to finish this figure.
Working on the cup first since it overlaps the face and then the hands overlap the cup. I started with mixing a cool light gray as the base midtone color. Then burnt umber and white for the warm gray shadows. The highlights I warmed up by tinting white with a touch of yellow ochre.
The hands were my normal flesh tones. I started in the darks with alizarin crimson and black and dry brushed in some paint into the darks. Then I worked out the darker areas with a mix of cadmium orange, black and a little alizarin crimson and burnt sienna.
The mid too lights I just added white to that and increased the cadmium orange to warn it a bit. The highlights are that orange with white and touch of black. The bathrobe is a grey mixed up with burnt umber, lamp black and white. In the dark areas I cooled the shadows with more lamp black. In the lighter areas I increased the umber and white.
Now I just gotta think through how I'm going to deal with the backgrounds after I finish the figures. I think that in the bright areas behind the figure I'll use an orange sepia like color and then dry brush the areas into the background a bluring the sleave a bit.

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