March 4th Studio Visit Influence of Classicism


Ilissos the River God, 18x24 inches oil on canvas panel by Kenney Mencher in collaboration with Lee Faircloth


This is an original work of art NOT a print
Shipping takes 3-4 Weeks

Idealized male bodies in poses that show off their beauty are something that is throughout the history of art.

Sometimes I get on an art history kick! (I was a professor of art history for around twenty years.) In this painting I was thinking about one of the sculptures from the pediment of the Greek classical building of the Parthenon from around 450 BCE of a reclining figure "Ilissos the River God."

Color and texture are also things I explored in this painting. In the flesh tones I used "non-local colors." A non-local color is a color such as a blue or a purple in the flesh tones that you wouldn't ordinarily expect to find there.

The brush work and textures are designed to emphasize the direction of the planes of the muscles and other parts of the body. I'm hoping that the brushwork is kind of calligraphic and adds to making the figure feel real and have volume.

In the background, I began with thin coats of a warmer gray then went over the next layer with a brush and the last layer is a kind of "skip coat" using plastering knives to create a more tangible and thicker coat in a lighter tone.

Warning these are the only sites authorized to sell my art:

The size is a standard US frame size and can be framed inexpensively. (Buy framing kits on the US version of Etsy, Amazon or go to DickBlick. (.com's)

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