Screenshots of "A Moment of Silence," work by 50+ Black Minnesotans, incl. 2011-2012 QAM Fellow Harrison David Rivers (top image by Adja Gildersleve)

In beginning to implement our Call for Action and Accountability, the monthly Queer|Art newsletter will now include time-specific organizing work in which QA artists are actively involved. Stay tuned to this monthly space to see what QA artists are plugging into, including protests, phonebanks, and other justice-oriented actions.

This month, Queer|Art|Pride 2020 is extended! We've convened a diverse network of artists, performers, writers, and creatives to offer a lineup of public programs taking place through the end of July.  The Queer|Art|Pride Book & Print Fair has been re-conceived this year as a digital marketplace open through July 31st, with work available for sale by 30+ participating artists—activated through our biweekly Show 'n Tell series.

Also, applications for the 2020-2021 Queer|Art|Mentorship cycle are due August 1st! 
More information on the program below.

And don't forget: on our site, we now have a dedicated page for Community Resources, which includes updated lists of Anti Racism Resources and COVID-19 Artist Resources, as well as a newly established Queer|Art|Mentorship Giving Circle to provide direct financial aid to QAM Artists who need help covering their basic needs during the pandemic.

All this and a bunch of accessible work and July events below!
The 2020-21 Mentors (clockwise from top left): Angelo Madsen Minax, Tourmaline, Rodrigo Bellott, Maia Cruz Palileo, Pamela Sneed, Carlos Motta, Morgan Bassichis, Maria Bauman-Morales, Jaime Manrique, Saeed Jones
Apply now for a year-long exchange between emerging and established artists in five fields: Film, Literature, Performance, Visual Art, and Curatorial Practice.

The Queer|Art|Mentorship program, now gearing up for its tenth year, nurtures exchange between LGBTQ+ artists at all levels of their careers and works against a natural segregation between generations and disciplines.

Fellows apply with a specific project they would like to work on during the program and meet with their Mentors monthly to discuss their progress. Fellows also meet each month as a group to work through important issues shaping their creative and professional development in a collaborative and interdisciplinary environment.

At the culmination of the program, each Fellow participates in a special exhibition - known as the "QAM Annual" - that showcases their practice and the progress of their project.

Applications open: June 1st - August 1st, 2020
Program dates: October 2020 - October 2021
QAM Annual exhibition: November - December 2021 

Apply to the program here 
Artists and works included in 2020 Queer|Art|Pride (Graphic by Andrius Alvarez-Backus)
Morgan Bassichis
Every Thursday, 12pm-1pm EST: #FreeThemAll JVP-NYC's Phonebank to Defund the NYPD/Release All Prisoners

2014-2015 QAM Fellow Morgan Bassichis encourages all to phonebank with Jewish Voices for Peace, in support of Defunding the NYPD and releasing all prisoners from NYC to Palestine.

Learn more about JVP here and RSVP to phonebank here
Mx Justin Vivian Bond
Every Thursday, 5pm EST: Auntie Glam's Happy Hour  +
New Music from Kiki & Herb

My darlings! 2011-2012 QAM Mentor Mx Justin Vivian Bond performs live each Thursday on Instagram/Youtube for Auntie Glam's Happy Hour, hosted by your Auntie Glam, The House-Bound Chanteuse of the Plague! Recent performances include a benefit for Black & Pink and "Smash the Patriarchy," Tune in on IG here or Youtube here , and see a recent show here

And! Kiki & Herb (Mx Justin Vivian Bond + Kenny Mellman) have a new 3-song EP out entitled Whitey on the Moon, with all profits going to Black Visions Collective. Listen/buy it here
Virgil B/G Taylor
July 9th, 12pm/July 23rd, 2pm EST: 
Study Object Room + PINKO #2 
2016-2017 QAM Fellow Virgil B/G Taylor has organized a series of online reading events entitled Study Object Room for London's Studio Voltaire's Desperate Living C-19 program. July 9th: Tiffany Sia with Berlant's The Commons: Infrastructures for Troubling Times. July 23rd: Sam Richardson.

Also launching in July is the second issue of PINKO, featuring interviews, essays, missives, meditations, a cover image by Carolina Kroon, illustrations by 2014-2015 QAM Mentor 
Chitra Ganesh, and design/drawings by Taylor.

More on ¶Study Object Room 
here and PINKO #2 here
Nicole Eisenman
June 9th, 6pm EST: In Conversation w/Helen Molesworth
2011-2012 QAM Mentor Nicole Eisenman will appear live via Zoom in conversation with Helen Molesworth as part of Anderson Ranch's Summer Series. For the series, expect unique and dynamic virtual experiences – not just video conference meetings! With images, video and surprising guests. Eisenman lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She is a MacArthur Foundation fellow and was inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Letters in 2018. More information here
Xandra Nur Clark, Mashuq Mustaq deen,
Melissa Li, Christina Quintana (CQ)

Through July 12th: Proud Voices: An Audio Festival
QAM Fellows Xandra Nur ClarkMelissa Li, and Christina Quintana (CQ), and QAM Mentor Mashuq Mushtaq Deen are featured in Proud Voices: An Audio Festival, available through July 12th throughout the West Village. Audiences download a map and, while visiting the exteriors of local businesses and landmarks, scan QR codes and listen to songs, poems, and auditory pieces throughout the neighborhood. More info and get a pass here
July 13th, 8-9pm EST
This season of our screening series— "Alone Together"— has been reformatted like a digital book club: viewers watch films on their own before joining presenters online for an interactive talk.

The Hunger, an erotically charged vampire film directed by Tony Scott, has all the delights and horrors of 80s era excess, including shoulder-pads, David Bowie, gothic nightclubs, flowing curtains, slow-motion doves and rapid aging.  Artist/photographer Deborah Bright saw this movie soon after coming out and found this “visually over the top, very noir and creepy” cult favorite resonating with her and other “adventurous lesbians.”

RSVP here and streaming links to the film here 
Justin Sayre
July 14th, 8pm EST:  Night of A Thousand Judys + premiere reading of 5,6,7,8-DIE!
The eighth annual "Night of A Thousand Judys," the Pride concert to benefit the Ali Forney Center, written and hosted by 2011-2012 QAM Fellow Justin Sayre, will be presented on July 14th at 8PM EST. The Ali Forney Center is the nation’s largest agency dedicated to helping LGBTQ homeless youth. Tickets here

And don't miss the premiere reading of 5,6,7,8-DIE!, Sayre's new Suspiria-meets-Dance Moms camp-fest, with a portion of proceeds from donations going to bail funds. Watch it here

Avram Finkelstein
Free the Vaccine Webinar / 1933/1984/2020 /
Queer Arts Festival (Opening panel: July 16th, 8-10pm EST)

Multi-year QAM Mentor Avram Finkelstein was featured in a webinar to discuss collectivity/communicating in public space for the Free the Vaccine for COVID-19 campaign. Watch it here. The artist has also created eight hanging works for Tinworks Art in Bozeman, MT, entitled 1933/1984/2020 (opens July 19th, more here) and created a new mural work/participated in a flash collective for Vancouver's Queer Art Festival exhibition, Wicked (for which he will speak at the opening panel–more here).
Fellicita "Felli" Maynard
July 17th - August 22nd: where will I be buried*?
Current QAM Fellow Felicita “Felli“ Maynard's work will be presented in the exhibition where will I be buried*? which Flux Factory will debut online on July 17th. Featuring work from over 12 Queer and/or Trans, Black and Indigenous, People of Color (QTBIPOC), where will I be buried*? holds space for artists and audiences from marginalized communities to center ourselves in our mourning, healing and transformations. The exhibition features live events throughout July and August. More here
Monday, July 20th, 8-9:30pm EST

Queer|Art is hosting a Let’s Draw the Revolution session, where participants can engage in activist art-making, including protest signs, information/resource slideshows, and memorial portraits. The event is hosted by Queer|Art|Prize Manager KT Pe Benito and current QAM Fellows Olaiya Olayemi and Brian Gonzalez.

RSVP here!
Thomas Allen Harris
July 21st 12pm - July 23rd 12pmEST:
VINTAGE: Families of Value + panel discussions

Multi-year QAM Mentor Thomas Allen Harris' debut documentary film, VINTAGE: Families of Value will stream for free for two days, and be accompanied by two panel discussions to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Presented by Third World Newsreel and Family Pictures USA as part of the series Organizing and Filmmaking, the two panels will occur on July 22nd, 6-8pmEST. More info on Facebook here and RSVP for the free stream/panel discussions here
J. Bouey
July 23rd, 6pm EST: Black Dance Stories
2018-2019 QAM Fellow J. Bouey will appear on the online series Black Dance Stories on July 23rd. Every Thursday in July, expect discussions with well-known dancers and choreographers who use their art to create commentary on the Black experience. More info and Zoom link here

Bouey, with Melanie Greene, also co-organized The Dance Union Town Hall for Collective Action: Dismantling White Supremacy Within Dance Institutions, now available on Youtube here and catch an interview with Bouey and Greene on the Town hall in the NYTimes here  
Liz Collins
July 24th, 4-5pm EST: Energy Field book launch + birthday toast
Liz Collins Energy Field, Multi-year QAM Mentor Liz Collins' first major publication, which documents a 2 year installation at the Tang Teaching Museum, will launch on July 24th. The virtual party will feature a performance by Mike Albo, contributions from special guests who contributed to the project, and a birthday toast to the artist! More forthcoming here
Show ‘n Tell: July 27th, 8-10PM EST
Online: Through July 31st

This year, The Queer|Art|Pride Book & Print Fair is a digital marketplace! It features works by 30+ Queer|Art Artists, including artist books, novels, zines, poetry chapbooks, drawings, photographs, watercolors, garments, collages, and prints. 100% of sales benefit the artists.

The fair includes a live Show ‘n Tell series on Zoom. Artists with work in the marketplace will read from their works, offer a show ‘n tell of what they have for sale, and more.

RSVP here!
Hilton Als
My Mother’s Dreams for Her Son, and All Black Children
2011-2012 QAM Mentor Hilton Als has written an essay for the New Yorker, entitled My Mother’s Dreams for Her Son, and All Black Children. From the work: "She longed for black people in America not to be forever refugees—confined by borders that they did not create and by a penal system that killed them before they died." Listen to Als talk with David Remnick about protest then and now, and reads excerpts from his essay, on the New Yorker Radio Hour hereand read the entire essay here
Joan Jett Blakk
On the Campaign Trail with Joan Jett Blakk
Relive 2019 QA Prize Sustained Achievement Winner Joan Jett Blakk's historic 1992 presidential campaign with an archival episode of The Brenda and Glennda Show. The interview (produced by Glenn Belverio, co-host of the show) takes place outside the 1992 Democratic Convention in New York City, and features the pair discussing Ms. Blakk's campaign to "the first queer, Black, drag queen president." Streaming for a limited time on Video Data Bank TV here
Arisleyda Dilone & Camilo Godoy
I just wanna hold
2014-2015 QAM Fellow Arisleyda Dilone and 2012-2013 QAM Fellow Camilo Godoy's online performance I just wanna hold is inspired by the song Dreaming of You by Selena. The artists present metaphors for aspirational futures and identities by singing, acting, and inviting viewers to participate. Humor and satire serve as tools to question the fantasy that your needs will be met in the future and not in the present. I just wanna hold appropriates scripts from Latinx novelas to recreate a drama immersed in Queer affect, affirmation, anti-racism, and self-love. Watch the performance, presented by CUE Art Foundation, here
Ryan J. Haddad
Season 2 of The Politician streaming on Netflix
2017-2018 QAM Fellow Ryan J. Haddad can be seen as in the cast of The Politician, with its second season now streaming on Netflix. In the new episodes, the comedy-drama follows hyper-ambitious Payton Hobart (Ben Platt), as he transitions from high school in California to a full-blown political campaign in NYC, and brings along with him familiar friends/lovers/rivals, including Haddad as Andrew Cashman. Watch the series here
Barbara Hammer
Streaming films via Company Gallery & Julia Stoschek
As part of Company Gallery's "In Company With" series, a selection of films by 2011-2012 QAM Mentor Barbara Hammer is available for viewing online via Vimeo.  For July: films from the 2000s. Julia Stoscheck Collection is also presenting four films by Hammer on their site.
Watch via Company here and Julia Stoscheck Collection here
Saeed Jones
Article: Whose Grief? Our Grief +
How We Fight For Our Lives
 in paperback!

2020-2021 QAM Mentor Saeed Jones has written an article of GQ entitled Whose Grief? Our Grief. In the text, Jones describes how generations collapse into seconds during an American week of chaos and sorrow. Jones' 2019 memoir, How We Fight For Our Lives, recently was announced as winner of the Gay Memoir/Biography category of the 32nd Annual Lambda Literary Awards, and will be released on paperback on July 7th. Read the article here, about the award here, and the book here
Tommy Pico
Poetry and a Truth + poetry series on Catapult
2011-2012 QAM Fellow Tommy Pico has written an essay entitled Poetry and a Truth, and edited a poetry series for Catapult. From the essay:"Everybody read. I felt it. Poetry and honesty. Poetry and a clarity of feeling. I needed something so badly to be true."

Read or listen to the essay here, and check out the series here 
Yoruba Richen 
Films To Watch To Help Educate Yourself About Racism
For a radio segment and article on WUWM's (Milwaukee's NPR) site, Multi-year QAM Mentor Yoruba Richen, with Brad Lichtenstein, recommends eight films for viewers to educate themselves on racism. Read/listen here

And read an article on Richen's new film, The Sit-In, about the history-making week when Harry Belafonte hosted ‘The Tonight Show,’ here
Harrison David Rivers
A Mother On Black Boys
2011-2012 QAM Fellow Harrison David Rivers' written work A Mother On Black Boys is available to read online via "A Moment of Silence." The online project, responding to the uprising after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the COVID-19 pandemic, highlights 50 of Minnesota’s most prolific and well-known Black artists and writers as they raise their voices.
Read it here 
Justine Wolf Williams
Free Life & Creativity Coaching Sessions 
2015-2016 QAM Fellow Justine Wolf Williams is offering free coaching sessions throughout July/August, and in exchange asking participants to donate to G.L.I.T.S. and/or The Okra Project.  The artist believes we possess great wellsprings of inner power and wisdom, ​as well as innate creativity, and when we begin to access those resources, we flourish – coming more fully into ourselves and offering ourselves more fully in the world. There will be a number of openings per week kept open for QA community members, until filled. Learn more here
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Image credits from top: 1. Promotional image for JVP-NYC's #FreeThemAll phonebanking 2. Screen capture of Mx Justin Vivian Bond in Auntie Glam's Happy Hour 3. Cover of PINKO #2 (photograph by Carolina Kroon, design by Virgil B/G Taylor) 4. Nicole Eisenman (courtesy of the artist) 5. Promotional image for Proud Voices 6. Still from The Hunger, dir. Tony Scott, 1983 7. Justin Sayre (detail of photo by Ricardo Nelson) 8. Avram Finkelstein, detail of 1933/1984/2020, 2020 9. Promotional image for where will I be buried*?  10. Brian Gonzalez, KT Pe Benito, Olaiya Olayemi (photos by Lola Flash)  11. VINTAGE: Families of Value, Dir. Thomas Allen Harris, 1995 12. J. Bouey (detail of photo by Brad Ogbonna, courtesy The New York Times) 13. Cover of Liz Collins Energy Field, 2020 14. Queer|Art|Pride Book & Print Fair Graphic by Virgil B/G Taylor 15. Hilton Als' mother (top left), courtesy of Als 16. Joan Jett Black & Glenn Belerio in The Brenda and Glennda Show, 1992 17. Screen captures of Arisleyda Dilone and Camilo Godoy from I just wanna hold, 2020 18. Still from Season 2 of The Politician 19. Still from Lover Other, dir. Barbara Hammer,  2006 20. New York City, May 2020 (photograph courtesy of GQ) 21. Illustration of Tommy Pico by Sirin Thada for Catapult 22. Still from I Am Not Your Negro, Dir. Raoul Peck, 2016  23. Harrison David Rivers (courtesy of the artist) 24Image courtesy of Justine Wolf Williams 25. Screen capture of Dance Magazine,  "Has Anyone Asked Artists What They Need?" Raja Feather Kelly
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