Art for AIDS - Deadline for Submissions July 14, 2020.

Please submit today by filling out the form and emailing your image and we will arrange for art delivery after the jury concludes. The jury will be meeting this month to evaluate the submissions. We will offer the same promotion to artists on our website, social media postings, and access to collectors. This year we will also add one-minute video recordings for each artist. Finally, unlike past years, we welcome more than one piece per artist in the 2020 auction.

Instructions for Art Submissions:
1. Complete the submission form on the Call for Submissions page of the Alliance Health Project website. 
2. Send your high quality hi-res image to Jonathan Yee.

All art must be hang-ready, gallery-quality art-pieces that follow the guidelines provided in the Call for Submissions. 

Questions? Please contact Jonathan Yee or DK Haas.

We look forward to one day sharing the space with you, hugging you, and welcoming you to Art for AIDS 

Take good care,
Team AHP
UCSF Alliance Health Project | |
1855 Folsom Street, Suite 670 Box 0884
San Francisco, CA 94143

Alliance Health Project | Box 0884, San Francisco, CA 94143

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