Utrecht and Dickblick kinda don't give a shit.

So I'm super annoyed with Dickblick and Utrecht. When they ship stuff it comes to me damaged and the customer service people don't give a shit. You may want to reconsider if you are buying stuff from them. Even though the quality of the products and pricing is top notch the quality of the shipping and customer service is awful. Here's the letter I wrote to the owner and the photos.

Dear Mr. Buchsbaum,
I just had a heart attack and returned home after a couple of weeks to start working in my studio.  I opened the boxes that I had ordered around Christmas time with a gift card (somewhat problematically, and this is the condition my shipments came in.  I would really like to continue using Blick and Utrecht but you guys just don't seem to care about me as a customer.  I'm attaching pictures and I'll probably be writing an angry review on my blog and Facebook pages. 
I'm attaching all the relevant images.
Sorry to complain,
Kenney Mencher

Here's the followup:

Mr.  Mencher:

No worries about complaining.  And, thanks for your support.  It looks like our friends at FedEx did a number on that box.  It doesn’t leave the facility that way.  We try to get the packaging to the point where we are a). as friendly as we can be to the environment, but b). it still arrives in one piece.  The product that you ordered tends to get lower level treatment because it isn’t very fragile (right or wrong).  Didn’t work this time.  I can have a note put in your customer file to give extra care to packing.  They’d probably bubble wrap each thing individually.  It’s not foolproof.  I’ve still seen cases where it is destroyed on shipment, and, I’ve seen cases where our team does not do it correctly, although the latter is rare.

Since I think the product is still useable, how about a $50 gift card?  If it is not usable, Kristina will provide a credit to you in that amount.  We don’t want it back.

I noticed you ordered some large canvases…those should get a custom wrapping job all on their own.  Did they come OK?

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