Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Incomparable skill combined with a unique, "signature style" are just two of the reasons why Arcadia Contemporary represents the artists whose original works are offered below.
Feel free to email info@arcadiacontemporary.com or call the gallery if you'd like to add any of these remarkable originals to your collection.

Graphite and Charcoal on Hand-Toned Paper         26" x 22"           $13,000
As a highly sought-after instructor at the famed Florence Academy of Art, Amaya Gurpide (Spain - 1974) has precious little time to focus on her own artistic endeavors. When she does, however, the works are glorious achievements of flawless skill, and heartbreaking reality. Gurpide's drawings are hauntingly emotional and "peel away" the facades people generate and reveal the most important aspect of any figurative work...the truth.
Oil on Canvas                          22" x 28"                         $12,500
There's an "icy coolness" to the people who inhabit painter Alex Gross' canvases. While usually depicted in "semi-surreal" environments, occasionally the Los Angeles-based painter places his subjects in everyday settings that, in most cases, add an even "stranger feel" to his works. In "Thunderhead," what could easily pass as a quintessentially Southern California, languid day by the pool, takes on a more ominous tone as the threatening clouds in the background may be an indicator of things to come.
Oil on Panel                            20" x 16"                                $4,900
It's difficult enough for an artist to create imagery that is uniquely their own. It 's an entirely different "animal" when the artist also develops a singularly unique way TO CREATE those works. Rather than "adding" paint to depict an image, it is the reduction of paint that Bilmes employs in his hyper-romantic imagery that makes his works so distinct. By scratching, scraping and peeling away the paint that is first laid down on the panel, the artist "sculpts" his figures into a two-dimensional rendering of beauty.
Oil on Canvas                          55" x 58"                              $15,900
In his continuing exploration of the human figure, Ukraine-based painter Denis Sarazhin, elevates his work with the addition of a celebration of color. "Spectrum," the newest, large-scale painting by this young, "art-phenom" shows not only the full range of emotions as depicted by the contortions of his figures but by the spectrum of colors that bathe them. 
Arcadia Contemporary, 39 East Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91105

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