Do you think Facebook might be homophobic?

So the other day I posted this picture to my fan page on Facebook. I got blocked for the next seven days and I also had to send them a picture of my ID to prove that I was a natural person even though I've had this account for close to 10 or 15 years.

I also run a group called Homoerotic Imagery" and Facebook peaks auto flagging things even though they don't have any real nudity other than sometimes the top of butts.  I've noticed that a lot of straight women and even artists can post oil paintings that include full frontal nudity of females on Facebook and their account never seems to go dark.

Do you think that I'm overreacting or conflating things in a sort of conspiracy theory way? I just noticed that I get a lot of negative stuff from Facebook concerning any of my activities that deal with gay art and gay artists.

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