Ed Haslam's Art

I'm always looking for new artists to look at. One of the things that I find constantly comes up short with some artists, even though they paint things that I like to look at, are the formal concerns.What I'm talking about is how well things are rendered and how accurate the anatomy is. Another thing is the paint quality, paint handling, color, and shading.

Ed Haslam is a great artist on all of these fronts. If you look at his paintings you can see that he has a very good handling and understanding of anatomy. The drawing on which the painting is set on top of is very solid. The anatomy always makes sense and doesn't look awkward. It also didn't seem like you fix anything like an understanding of the muscles and bones that lie underneath the skin that he paints.

Another thing, is that the color and paint quality is excellent. He seems to understand warm and cool in terms of color relationships and he also complements his use of color with a nice use of paint and abstract qualities in the paint.

Looking up on the Internet on these two sites his subject matter seems to vary slightly in that he always addresses the human form but sometimes he will paint stereotypically attractive men and females but he also sometimes goes on a slight departure from that by painting what some people might consider something that is a little grotesque. Although I don't find this painting necessarily grotesque it's not the kind of image that would "turn someone on." or maybe I'm mistaken and it would.

I've been checking them out on the web and his work is very expensive, I guess you call or blue-chip artist because the work is available it seems in the thousands of dollars. Sometimes this is a little frustrating to me because I'd like to collect art and when it gets so costly I can't afford it. However, normal mortals like me can at least appreciate his work on the web. 

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