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City of Hayward, 21st Century Library & Community Learning Center Project

Entry Deadline: 4/20/15
Days remaining to deadline: 27


Images - Minimum: 10, Maximum: 20
Video - Minimum: 0, Maximum: 5
Total Media - Minimum: 10, Maximum: 20

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Eligibility Requirements
Professional artists or artist teams residing in California, Oregon and Nevada with experience in the design, fabrication, and installation of public artwork are eligible to apply. These experienced public artists must be familiar with and skilled at working with art consultants, architects, designers, contractors and clients; i.e., project teams.
Artist Selection Criteria
· Quality of craftsmanship, innovation, creativity and success in previous projects.
· Demonstrated proficiency and technical knowledge of the materials and techniques in the artist’s chosen medium
· Experience and success in creating public artwork in collaboration or cooperation with architectural design teams and under the guide of a public agency
· Assessed ability to design, fabricate and install artwork within the project timeline and budget
The site specific artworks for this project will:
· Be expertly conceived and well-crafted with the best quality materials
· Integrate well into the modern and elegant architectural style of the building
· Engage viewers and encourage them to reconsider their surroundings
· Interpret and reflect the surrounding community and region
Project Themes: the goals, information and ideas which have inspired this project in its conception, development and design are as follows:
· Environmental issues, conservation of resources
· Geography of region and site
· History of region; history of actual site
· Preservation of historic and natural resources---the Plaza and Arboretum
· Cultural vitality with the evolutionary nature of culture in mind
More information can be found at www.haywardlibrary.org
Site Specific Commissions and budgets: the center of the building is the three story atrium open to all three floors. All art sites are visible from points on all floors.
Site 1. 1, 2nd and 3rd floors, West Wall hard surface application (not a painted mural) $100,000
These three walls can be viewed in total from the first floor entry. This is an opportunity to design imagery which spans three floors in a continuum, using materials that will cause this refined and well-crafted element to remain a permanent architectural feature of the library. This budget includes all design, fabrication, delivery and installation. The estimated and approximate dimensions of these floors are 14’h x 25’w.
Site 2. Suspended piece $82,500
As mentioned, the center of the building is the atrium. A three dimensional element suspended from the ceiling will emphasize the importance of this space. It must be well crafted, lightweight and expertly engineered. This budget includes all design, fabrication, delivery and installation.
Site 3. Design of terrazzo first floor and concrete Plaza Arboretum Walk, along with the design and fabrication of integrated elements $82,500
Terrazzo flooring has been specified from the C Street main entry straight back to the entry at the parking garage (light blue on the schematic for Site 3, first image—excluding the gift shop/café area along the Mission Boulevard side) Concrete has been specified for the Arboretum Walk in the plaza, Site 3, second image. This commission consists of the design of material already specified, therefore currently included in the construction costs of the library and plaza. The selected artist is also responsible for the design and fabrication of additional materials that would be added to theTerrazzo floor and concrete Arboretum walk. The installation of the specified materials will not be the artist’s responsibility, but they will work in close collaboration with the contractor’s installers.
Site 4. Second Floor walls outside large community room with a new media digital and video piece consisting of two 12’h x 20’w walls with video wall inset 12’ x 14’. $58,000
Two walls flank the alcove entry to the community room. The commission is to address the walls on either side of the alcove with digital media, creating a permanent surface. The video component presented on screen(s) in the alcove space will work in combination with the permanent images on the walls.
RFQ Requirements: All RFQ materials must be received digitally by email
· Letter of Interest
· Images: No less than 10 and no more than 20 digital images (with pertinent info on images or an image list included) of completed and relevant projects. Video is acceptable. For the new media digital site, no more than 3 videos should be submitted.
· Artist Statement regarding general approach to making art
· Current Resume/CV
· References
Project Schedule
RFQ Posted: Tuesday, March 17, 2015
RFQ Deadline: Monday, April 20, 2015
Address your emailed digital Qualifications to:
Beth Jones Art Consultant beth@jayjayart.com
please cc: lynda@jayjayart.com


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