Questions about Art History and or Art Appreciation Taught by Kenney Mencher at Ohlone College

Hi Guys!

Please feel free to post questions about the classes here on my blog.  Here are several questions I received so far.

Q:I printed out the study guides and would like to know how I am suposed to identify these pieces of art without their name/creator?

A:: It's good that you are printed out the study guides. The works of art that are on study guide are identified by scrolling down the content page on blackboard and starting to watch the videos and also doing the readings that correspond  with each of the videos. You can find out more about how to do this by watching the following video that I sent out as an announcement.. Here's a direct link to it on YouTube

Q: Do I get that information from a certain text? or do I have to attend the live class in order to get the needed info? 

A: You get the information by attending live lecture, watching the videos,, and reading the PDF texts that are also on the content page of blackboard.

Q: Also, it states in the syllabus that class participation is based on disussion boards but I do not see anything in the Discusson Board file?

A: Class Discussion is based on a combination of the work that you do on the discussion boards as well as actual in class conversation and discussion. I am not using the discussion function on blackboard instead I am putting it on Google blogs.  I have already sent out between 3 and 5 announcements  that show up as announcements on blackboard that have links directly out to each discussion. If you have not received any of these announcements you probably have the wrong email address i installed in blackboard  and or web advisor. You need to check to make sure that your address and telephone number are updated and accurate on both web advisor and in your blackboard account.

Question: I noticed on your schedule that the tests begin on Monday and end on Wednesday; does that mean we get 2 days to finish the test? I was a little confused by this.

Answer:  Yes.  You get almost 48 hours in which to take the exam.  However, once you begin it you cannot stop.  These exams are timed so make sure you are ready to take it.  I also suggest you do not take it on a wireless network.  If the connection is lost it can make big problems and lock you out.

Question: I watched your intro video and I was just wondering, will the people taking the online class be able to fill out the study guide completely just from the videos and text you provide in the content part of blackboard, or will we need to do any extra research?

Answer: I think the students in the live lectures will do better on the study guides because we talk about them in class however, you do not need to do additional research beyond reading all the links and watching the videos.  

I do suggest that you fill out the guides as you watch or read the resources I provide for you.  When watching the videos you should pause them and fill in the guides.  


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