Are you gay?

 Why should this matter?
 One of my friends commented to me the other day.
"What's with all the dudes?"

I thought that was strange because no one really makes a comment like that when I paint female nudes.

 Another said,
"you are really cranking out the beefcake paintings "

 My response,

Yeah. I'm gonna try and do the Folsom Fair here. I have a couple of friends who are really encouraging me to paint these kinds of figures. I kind of avoided painting them because the nude male figure comes so easily to me that somehow I felt like they were little more than figure studies. Now I kind of feel like they are a genre of beauty that I need to explore.

 I looked up similar art on the web and I felt it was all sort of kitsch or amateur quality. Especially the way beefcake is drawn. The paint quality kind of sucks in those. Some of these the paint is like 1 cm to 2 cm thick. I'm kind of feeling also like I can express or make something of quality for the people I love.

Is that really the point?



  1. After Christmas 1998, when I came to Norway to meet the woman who would later become my wife, I took a lot of photos of Gustav Vigeland's works. Upon return to USA I shared my photos of Vigeland's sculpture art with my step-sister and brother in-law. His disgusted response was, "Why, that's just a bunch of naked people!"
    I still want candles made of Vigeland's Monolith:

    1. I like this idea. It kind of reminds me of Greco Roman relief like Trajan's Column.