Claire Oliver Gallery has some great new artists! Check this out!

Jazz-minh Moore ▪ Gabi Trinkaus ▪ Beth Lipman
Claire Oliver Gallery is proud to announce
exclusive representation of
Jazz-minh Moore
All Our Grandmothers, diptych: acrylic on birch panel, 48 x 78 x 2 inches 
"Choosing in-between, raw expressions is my way to applaud something fiercely real and un-simulated. Through my subjects, I grapple with stark, uncontrollable emotions, lost love, irrevocable choices, and the personal loss of innocence." 
- Jazz-minh Moore
The Artist working in her studio
Jazz-minh Moore's debut solo exhibition at Claire Oliver Gallery will be on view March 14 - April 13, 2013. 
Claire Oliver Gallery is proud to announce
exclusive representation of
Gabi Trinkaus
Always the same, left, and detail, right: magazine clippings on canvas, 74.8 x 63 inches 
"More than of 'surviving,' our culture seems to rouse questions of 'succeeding.' Print media provides innumerable pages with answers on how this might look; I tear them out, cut them up, and shake the bag." 
- Gabi Trinkaus

The Artist working in her studio
Gabi Trinkaus's compelling collages -- both two-dimensional and sculptural -- will join the work of Norbert Brunner and Beth Lipman in the Claire Oliver booth at Art Wynwood, Feb. 14 - 18 in Miami, FL. 
Beth Lipman's Precarious Possessions 
on view now at Claire Oliver Gallery
Sideboard with Blue China, top, and details, below: glass, wood, paint, glue; 9' x 25' x 2'
"I have no specific convictions about how we should relate to the things with which we surround ourselves. Each object has its own history; it can't be divorced from its past or its creation. I find myself constantly searching for clues about individuals or societies in objects. They represent us."
- Beth Lipman
Flotsam and Jetsam, left, and detail, right: glass, paint, glue; 14.5' x 23' x 5' 
Precarious Possessions will be on view through March 9. 
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