Arcadia Gallery has some new beautiful work in!

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New Year New Works  
Arcadia Gallery is thrilled to present a selection 
of new paintings and drawings that have just arrived
 in the gallery! 

Jeremy Lipking       "Plein Air"         Oil on Canvas         23" x 27" Inches

Matthew Cornell        "Inheritance"         Oil on Panel         35" x 40" Inches

Mary Jane Ansell         "Girl Ashore"         Oil on Panel         20" x 13.5" Inches

John Brosio         "BFF'S"         Oil on Canvas         27" x 36" Inches

Cesar Santander        "Financials"         Oil on Panel         48" x 48" Inches

Gregory Mortenson        "Venice"         Oil on Canvas         50" x 25" Inches

Dorian Vallejo       "Time And Youth"         Pencil on Paper         16" x 12" Inches

Arcadia Fine Arts
51 Greene Street, New York NY 10013
Phone: 212 965 1387

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