How to make a transcript using Camtasia and Dragonspeak

  • I know that a hot topic right now at our college is to generate transcripts for students who need them, depending on their disabilities.  I just wanted to show everybody how to use Camtasia and to create a transcript with the Dragonspeak the program.
  • So I just recorded the lecture.  Now that I have the lecture recorded the next thing I’m going in a do is save the document so that I can edit it.
  • I’ll just call this how to make a transcript.  I guess I should spell it right.  Okay, now that I have the documents saved what I’m gonna do is export it as an audio file. 
  • I can use this audio file to generate a transcript in Dragonspeak.
  • In order to do that go to
  • FILE
  • and then you
  • Then you pull down to
  • It’s gonna make up a wave file (.WAV) which will be fine for whatever you’re doing.
  • I’m going to call it transcript.wav
  • Open Dragonspeak, and to go up to
  • TOOLS in the right-hand corner.
  • I’m going to
  • You can transcribe into Dragonspeak or DragonPad or you can put it in a window.
  • Open up Microsoft Word.
  • I’m gonna transcribe it into Word
  • Choose the window, which is on here.
  • Browse to locate the file. I put mine in my documents folder, I’m using the transcript.wav file that I generated
  • Click on transcript.wav
  • Click on the window in Microsoft Word that you are using.
  • Wait for it to generate the transcript.  DO NOT TOUCH THE KEYBOARD OR MOUSE UNTIL IT FINISHES
  • I want you notices it’s kind of inaccurate, but it’s also accurate enough for me to edit it and use it
  • Save the document.
  • It will be less accurate if you slur your words or you are not a very clear speaker. 
  • I hope that this helps some of you.
  • See you around campus.

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