Workshops with Christian Fagerlunds

Christian Fagerlund is a great friend of mine and an excellent instructor.  If you get a chance, you really should take a class with him.  Here are two of his workshops:

Long-Pose Figure Painting Workshop

August 10th - September 7th

*Unlike my previous workshops (because of a larger studio space), students are welcome to work large (life-size) if desired.  
This five-week workshop will give students the opportunity to develop their formal understanding of the human figure, and hone their technical ability using traditional academic painting methods.  In this workshop you will have the time needed to fully experience the many stages and challenges of creating a "finished" painting.  We will simplify the process by separating the main aspects of the painting the figure:  first focusing on contour, then value, and finally color.  

All levels are welcome.  Although demos will be done in oils, students are welcome to use other mediums (watercolor, gouache, acrylics, drawing, etc.).  Class size will be small (12 max), allowing ample time for one-on–one critiques and demos with individual students.  We will be working with one model/one pose for all eight sessions, giving you approximately 25 hrs on a single painting.  

We will focus on the following principles:

•            Color Theory - using a limited palette vs. full palette

•            Measurement techniques for achieving accurate proportions

•            Poster and Color studies – seeing the broader value/color relationships

•            Underpainting techniques - grisaille and imprimatura

•            Anatomical structures and how they affect surface forms

•            Seeing 2D vs. 3D - flat shapes vs. illusion of form

•            Large vs. small forms – simplification of masses

An average session will consist of:

•            A lecture/demonstration illustrating that session's lesson (30 min)

•            3 hours of painting from the long pose

Friday/Monday evenings, 6:00-9:30 pm

Eight 3.5 hr sessions

F 8/10, M 8/13, M 8/20, F 8/24, M 8/27, F 8/31, M 9/3, F 9/7 (*note: no class on F 8/17)

*New Studio Address in Emeryville

945 Grace Ave, Oakland, CA.

Cost: $500  (checks payable to Christian Fagerlund)

Send payments to:

3298 Madera Ave, Oakland, CA, 94619



cell: (510) 379-8192



Landscape Painting Workshop
August 5 - September 14

Over the course of eight sessions, we will focus on a method for creating fully-realized landscape paintings.   One faces numerous challenges when painting outdoors: changes in light, difficult weather conditions, time constraints, technical issues with the medium, etc.  These challenges are only compounded while working on larger-scale paintings.
This month-long workshop will give you the tools and methods needed to address these challenges.  We will start with a 6 hr. session in the field, where we will collect painted observations (from life) along with photo reference.  During these sessions you will have time to work on two paintings.  The following week we will meet for a three-hour studio session where you'll have the chance to further develop one of these pieces by combining mental notes, painted observations, and photo reference.

All levels are welcome.  Although demos will be done in oils, students are welcome to use other mediums (watercolor, gouache, acrylics, drawing, etc.).  Class size will be small (10 max.), allowing ample time for one-on-one critiques and demos.

Session Schedule:
Sunday afternoons/Wednesday evenings.

We will spend four Sundays (10:00-4:00) painting in four different Bay Area locations:

August 5  Point Pinole, Richmond

August 12  Oakland Port, Oakland

August 26  Cummins Skyway, Crockett

September 2  Marin Highlands, Marin

We will follow each Sunday session with a 3 hr. studio session (6:00-9:00pm) at the Oakland Studio:  3145 Maxwell Ave, Oakland, CA.

Wednesdays, August 8, August 15, August 22, September 5

Cost: $500 (payable to Christian Fagerlund)

Please send payments to Christian Fagerlund, 3298 Madera Ave, Oakland, CA. 94619


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