The hanging system I use in my studio

Another artist asked me about the hanging system in my studio.  I thought it might be helpful to do a blog post on it so other people can use it.  It works best with extra thick stretcher bars.

 It's made out of a thin strips of lath or molding (I can't remember what we bought.)  It's screwed into the top of the wall with drywall anchors.
I needed to shim it out from the wall at an angle so that the canvases would hang against the strips.  When I first put it in it the canvases would swing off the wall because the wall was not exactly vertical.  (Earthquakes I think)
 I bought dowels and a drill bit that matched the diameter.   I cut them into long lengths for the thicker stretcher bars and shorter ones for the thinner ones.  You cannot cut enough of these! 
 These clips are really use full for clamping the canvases and boards to the dowels and the lath strips.

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