Women, Violence against women, how women are "scene" in art history.

Since I teach art history survey I was thinking about all the kinds of images in art history that deal with the theme of women in a negative way.  I'm not talking about looking at women who are just plain nude, but stuff that goes beyond this into really negative images of women and aggrandize abduction, violence, and or rape and violence against women.  

It really pretty weird and made me feel a little icky.  For example, the Classic Greek "Battle of the Lapiths and Centaurs" deals with these themes but doesn't directly depict them.

However although Athena was the patron Goddess of Athens.  Most depictions of women seem to depict them as materialistic.

The Romans depict sex and violence sometimes but I'm not sure you could call it rape.

Then the Renaissance comes along and women are the mother or grandmother of Jesus.

And good wives.

Or maybe greedy wives.

Or witches.

Or responsible for "original sin."

Or seductresses who lead men to lose their heads.

But most of all it seems like the theme of rape and abduction is really big in all periods.

I don't know, I'm just saying I noticed this.

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