DADA MANIFESTO: 1918 To launch a manifesto you have to want: A. B. & C., and fulminate against 1, 2, & 3,...
...and maintain that novelty resembles life in the same way as the latest apparition of a harlot proves the essence of God. His existence had already been proved by the accordion, the landscape and soft words.
Everyone does it [imposes one's A.B. & C.] in the form of a crystalbluff-madonna, or a monetary system, or pharmaceutical preparations, a naked leg being the invitation to an ardent and sterile Spring.
...the love of novelty is a pleasant sort of cross....impulsive and vibrant to crucify boredom.
I'm writing this manifesto to show that you can perform contrary actions at the same time, in one single, fresh breath; I am against action; as for continual contradiction, and affirmation too, I am neither for nor against them, and I won't explain myself because I hate common sense.
...on the other hand, there are: the new men. Uncouth, galloping, riding astride on hiccups.
Psychoanalyses is a dangerous disease, it deadens man's anti-real inclinations and systematizes the bourgeoisie. There is no ultimate Truth.
I hate slimy objectivity, and harmony, the science that considers that everything is always in order. Carry on children, humanity ... Science says that we are nature's servants: everything is in order, make both love and war. Carry on, children, humanity, nice kind bourgeois and virgin journalists...
I am against systems; the most acceptable system is that of having none on no principle.
Art is a private thing, the artist makes it for himself; a comprehensible work is the product of a journalist...
What we need are strong, straightforward, precise works which will be forever misunderstood. Logic is a complication. Logic is always false.

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