A Summer Arts Opportunity in San Francisco

This sounded cool so I thought I would post it here:

Teaching Artists!
Southern Exposure

San Francisco, CA

SoEx Seeks THREE Lead Teaching Artists, THREE volunteer Artist Assistants, and ONE intern for Mission Voices Summer 2012!
MVS is a five-week intensive summer arts program.  It gives young people the opportunity to exercise leadership skills and participate in their community by exploring relevant social and personal issues through visual arts. The program is a collaboration between Southern Exposure's Artist in Education program and community-based youth organizations in San Francisco. The program bridges neighborhoods and cultures by pairing local artists with teens from the Bay Area.

Three Teaching Artists, along with Southern Exposure's Artists in Education Program Manager, and three Volunteer Assistants, will collaborate and teach approximately 30 teenagers this summer to produce an art environment based on a socially relevant theme. The program will culminate with a final project and exhibition, on view August 8 - 25, 2012.

Artists are responsible for teaching three times per week for the entire five-week program (Monday, July 9 - Wednesday August 8, 2011), plus pre-program curriculum planning for four weeks starting June 6, as well as extra time to install and de-install the final exhibition by August 29.  Classes run at Southern Exposure for three hours and take place on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 1-4 pm.

To apply:
  • Your resume and a cover letter
  • Work Samples: a CD or flash drive with no more than 15 images; for video work, submit a DVD with no more than 5 minutes of work. Please include a descriptive list describing each sample. If you would like your work samples returned to you, please include a SASE.
  • A brief description of your ideas for the program (no more than one page) and one sample thematic and skill oriented lesson that addresses materials needed, the objective of the lesson and skills learned (no more than one page).

    Mail or deliver all materials to:
    Aimee Shapiro, Artists in Education Program Manager
    MVS Teaching Applications
    Southern Exposure
    3030 20th Street
    San Francisco, CA 94110
**no original artworks, email or fax submissions will be accepted.

Contact:Aimee Shapiro

Deadline: 05-07-2012

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