Discussion and Video: Impressionism Degas and Color Theory

1) Compare and contrast the two paintings above in terms of their form. Be sure to use as much of the following vocabulary as you can, perspective, illusionism, realism, chiaroscuro, hue, value, intensity, primary, secondary, tertiary, non-local, local color, optical mixing. 

2) Come up with a thesis and compare and contrast the points of view of each of these artists.

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    Explain How The Following Terms Can Be Applied to This Work
    Refers to the name of the color, here there are yellows, oranges, blues, and grays, which I believe aren't really a color.
    Value refers to the difference between the light and dark shades of the hue, Here the varried value is created both by the warm/cool relationship of the blue ballerinas in the back ground and the yellow ballerina in the middle ground, as well as the layering & slashing of saturated complimentary pastels .
    Intensity refers to the purity of the color. Here we have colors that seem Intense but we do know they are pastels, and pastels have white in them which diminishes the purity of the color. Degas was able to create the high intensity by layering and slashing some of the more saturated pastels, with its respective complimentary color, which in turn makes it look more intense.