Jackie Garcia and Karen Martinez a story by two girls.

A wonderful group of junior high school students who were in a choir came and visited the show.  The kids in the Willow Glen Choir did a workshop with me in which they wrote stories to go with the paintings.  We pinned theses stories and captions to the wall.  Two of the girls, Jackie Garcia and Karen Martinez wrote a story in which they linked all the black and white paintings in the gallery together.  Here's what they wrote:

Connecting all the pics:

There's two girls that are getting prepared to go and eat and when they are ready they can get a ride to 

the restaurant of Gustave,

but, the three Richard twins don't want them to go 

because a man has their son captive in the restaurant, when their son should be with his grampah,
but he's on his couch, while the man's friends who have the boy captive are planning out what to do to the lady's son

then the rest of the guys are waiting to tell the mom thay have her son

then the guy who has her son sees her and thinks for a moment.

Next thing you know he's shining his shoes after he falls in love with the lady!


Renovated Reputations: A Collaborative Installation of Paintings, Fiction, Music and Vintage Furniture
by Kenney Mencher, Patrick Nelson and others at:
The Art Museum of Los Gatos, California
4 Tait Ave Los Gatos, CA 95030
December 1 - January 6
Reception: Saturday December 3, 2011 5PM-8PM 
Show up in costume and get into the photobooth!  You may end up being my next painting!
Price: FREE
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The Art Museum of Los Gatos presents Renovated Reputations, an immersive exhibition experience featuring works conceived as a collaboration in painting, creative fiction, and design. At once noir, bohemian and pulp in style, the works invite the viewer to step inside and sit awhile, discover their stories and spark engagement.
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