How does somebody get a show at a gallery? Steps to take!

Since I curate the Louie Meager Art Gallery at Ohlone College, I often have people approach me to ask how to get a show at the gallery.

Here's what I tell them:

Here's the deal, you need to have the following for a show:

  • 17-25 really great finished pieces high quality that are unified by a central theme.
  • A "pitch" of statement as to how the show you propose fits in with the mission of the gallery and the basic logistics about how the show will:
  • events (receptions, demos, talks, events,)
  • cost
  • shipping
  • supporting materials
  • installation

You can pitch the show to me when you feel you have all this stuff together by e-mail, or mail, but, you should NOT approach any curator at another artist's reception.

In the meantime, take my class and learn how to do this stuff and or become an art agent or gallerist at Ohlone College by taking,

ART-117A Museum and Gallery Techniques at Ohlone College in Fremont California
with me, Professor Kenney Mencher

  • This class is designed to take you through all the aspects of gallery practices for both artists and those who want to become curators or "gallerists."
  • You will learn how to find galleries and publications that a fit the style of art you make or represent.
  • Develop public relation strategies. (Mailing lists, contact lists, and networking.)
  • Photograph and edit photographs of art work.
  • Design press releases and catalogs using Microsoft Word and or Adobe Indesign.
  • Pitch a show to a gallery including our own at Ohlone.
Visit the class site for details and schedule:

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