Caption/Fiction Contest: Ends November 28th

Write a caption (one to several sentences) or a short story (under 1000 words) about what you think this painting and drawing are about and the best entry will win the watercolor.
Contest Ends November 28th
watercolor on Rives BFK approximately  11"x8.5"

What would Scooby Do? oil on canvas, 24"x48"
This is based on the The Thematic Apperception Test, or TAT, is a projective measure intended to evaluate a person's patterns of thought, attitudes, observational capacity, and emotional responses to ambiguous test materials. In the case of the TAT, the ambiguous materials consist of a set of cards that portray human figures in a variety of settings and situations. The subject is asked to tell the examiner a story about each card that includes the following elements: the event shown in the picture; what has led up to it; what the characters in the picture are feeling and thinking; and the outcome of the event.  So watch out what you write or maybe someone will think you're nuts!

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Art Museum of Los Gatos, California
Saturday December 3, 2011 5PM-8PM Show up in costume and get into the photobooth!  You may end up being my next painting!

January 2012
Santa Clara College, California

February 2012   Ohlone College, Fremont California 
Elliott Fouts Gallery, Sacramento California 

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This came in by e-mail:

What Would Scooby Do?

Seriously why did we have to watch that horrid film, 

All I wanted to do was get in my pajamas and nestle next to Daph, 

Hmmm, That image definitely fits under the category as sin, 

Live, Laugh, but why am I getting turned on with her breathing cinnamon on my back, 

"Perhaps, we should investigate the hallway downstairs," asks Freda

Honestly, I ponder, I just want to see her clue,

What to Doo?



  1. When I look at this painting, I can only think that these 4 college going girls, live in a sorority house. An after-hour party kept them out late in the night and they are sneaking back into their house before someone spot them in the hallway. Amy (lower most girl) is very playful and this was her idea, her friend, the other blonde girl is freaking out already.

    Just my story!

  2. (The painting looks like a publicity shot or a still from a TV show)

    An excerpt from the (fictitious) entertainment magazine “It’s On Tonight!” describing an episode of the show

    Wednesday, Nov. 23 8:30-9pm on NBS(HD)(TVPG)
    Tonight’s episode of How Did I Get Here is aptly titled “What Would Scooby Do?” as the girls relocate from Kelton House to haunted Waldenstone Manor to babysit the dean’s son on Thanksgiving. Important questions are answered, such as: Will Robyn go batty when she discovers the emails that David sent to Brandi? Will Caitlynn (literally) unmask the identity of her secret admirer? Will Amber find inventive ways to entertain Dean Westley’s son during the lightning storm and power outages? Can Jessie solve Butler Bob’s clues to find the hidden Thanksgiving turkey? And you thought your holidays were complicated. Our grade: C+

  3. Vernon! You won, send me your address!