Call For Submissions: Journal of Compressed Creative Arts

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The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts is currently accepting prose fiction and creative nonfiction submissions at this time. Our reading period ends on August 15, 2011. We publish (very) tiny, compressed prose creations of 600 words or less. We use Submishmash for all submissions. We value form, character, and words that fit to both. Experimentation is interesting. Experimentation for the sake of appearing experimental is less interesting. We like close reading and close writing. We like to feel what we read before we understand. Poetry submissions will be open on September 16, 2011.
We pay writers $50 per accepted piece and signed contract.
The readers for your submission include MFA in Creative Writing degree candidates at Rosemont College. For stories that move on as a result of the voting and comments of “first readers,” a second round of consideration and conversation ensues. The absolute final decision is made by the managing editor.
For fiction & creative nonfiction prose (and we think of the prose poem as such), we have a word-count limit: 600. Word count alone doesn’t create compression, so we ask that you also consider why this piece works for a journal obsessed with what’s compressed.
Current and forthcoming authors include the following:

  • Almond, Steve
  • Chinquee, Kim
  • Colen, Elizabeth
  • Collins, Myfanwy
  • Copeland, Lydia
  • Davis, Nicelle
  • Ebenbach, David
  • Fish, Kathy
  • Flick, Sherrie
  • Freele, Stefanie
  • Gay, Roxane
  • Grandbois, Peter
  • Guess, Carol
  • Holland, Tiff
  • Lee, Juliette
  • Light, Kate
  • Litz, Cynthia
  • Lovelace, Sean
  • Neal, Darlin
  • Pieroni, Jennifer
  • Prevost, Chad
  • Rohan, Ethel
  • Schwartz, Peter
  • Vukcevich, Ray
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