"A Memoir of Gambling" 14"x11" oil on masonite

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  1. May I ask whats your obsession with naked women? Many of your paitings demoralize women, and some women might take offense. Comment?

  2. What you ask is a completely valid question and some viewers may take offense at the fact that I paint a lot of pinup style nudes, but, in answer to your questions:
    First, I’m a man and as a man I am fairly libidinous and obsessed with women in general.

    For those who don’t like to look at nude women, I think that they just wouldn’t understand. I can say that there is a long historical record of men portraying nude or naked females from the Prehistoric era’s “Venus of Willendorf” to the so called Snake Goddesses of Knossos Crete, to the Renaissance era’s “Venus of Urbino” to today’s most contemporary painters such as John Currin and Lisa Yuskavage.

    I don’t think that my painting demoralize or even denigrate women but rather celebrate their power as sexual beings. I do acknowledge that some people will not agree with my contention and for those people who find my paintings offensive, they don’t have to buy them or even look at them.