New Painting: Step by Step Painting

What I've got done after an eight hour day in the studio. See below for how I started it and the step by step sequence.
9AM I'm in the studio with a plan! I tone the canvas with burnt umber as an impratura layer. On the music stand is the collaged image that is the plan. The image is a part of a larger set of images that I call my sequential narratives.

I start the painting by sketching in the overall shapes and wiping out the lights with a rag. For brighter lights I dip the rag in some paint thinner to remove more of the layer.
More of the drawing. It's very sketchy at this part. I plan on laying in layers of color and refining the drawing as I move along.
The finished underpainting painting sometime around 6 PM. Time to make dinner!

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  1. Ha! Thats awesome. I cannot believe mow much use you made out of those pictures you took when I was in my too cool to ghange out of my pajamas for school phase. I dont recal you taking pictures that made me look so thoughtful, I am sure I was thinking about swords or somthing.
    -Tim Davis