Stroganoff, 18x24 inches oil on canvas panel by Kenney Mencher



This an alla prima painting that was completed in a 12 hour session.

Alla prima refers to a direct painting approach where paint is applied wet on wet without letting earlier layers dry. In Italian, the term alla prima means “at first attempt”.

Paintings created in this approach are usually completed within a single session. This made it popular with the Impressionists, as they were able to more easily capture the fleeting light and color of the environment.

I like to experiment and bounce back and forth between different kinds of techniques and styles as I work in my studio. I think he keeps me fresh as a painter and I don’t slavishly create the same kind of painting over and over again.

One of the things that my new batch of paintings has in common is the fact that I’m trying to incorporate a little bit more of an environment around some of the figures to create a little bit more of a story or a bit of mystery about who the character is and what they’re doing. Another thing that I’ve been incorporating into some of my new work works is a little bit more the use of blues and a fuller spectrum or palette of colors.

This painting still has a lot of the main themes that I like to work with such as,older hairier men and the idea of appreciating different body types. I like to represent everyone rather than just a tiny cross-section of humanity.

This was painted on a canvas panel, which is a very sturdy ground or surface for a painting. It won’t flex a lot and is less likely to be damaged in shipping then stretched canvases. Although I tend to be really good at boxing and packaging the paintings I ship. This is a standard size and you won’t have much trouble finding it’s called an “open back” painting or framing kit on the web or at a local art store.

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