Lost Art UPS and (Claims and Friction for Art Lost in Shipping)

 Lost Art UPS and Take Aways

Don't Panic

You can either get a refund of you can write the loss off at tax time.

Keep cool. EXPECT FRICTION (That's their job.)

Use your speaker phone, expect to be put on hold.

UPS Claims

800-430-2055 Help Line


-Communicate with collectors and let them know what's going on. (cc on important correspondences.

Under promise over deliver

-Get phone numbers and email addresses.

-Ask if they want a refund, ask for three weeks but offer to send it immediately.

-Consider remaking the art.

-If lost. Photographs of package and damage if they have it. (They will need to give the art to the shipper.)

-Over insure (double)

You must buy additional insurance from UPS and USPS

How much does UPS reimburse for lost package?

UPS provides all packages automatically with $100 worth of liability for loss or damage. A shipper can choose to declare a higher value for the shipment with an additional charge.

-Tracking  numbers, cc on correspondences

-Write clearly and concisely.  

Show documentation. Invoices, photographs, description of packaging materials, weight, size, invoice number, photographs.

-Create Invoice 

(Paypal will not will work.)

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