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New Print This Friday from Josh Keyes
Excited to share details on our new print edition with Josh Keyes that we have published in support of his recent solo exhibition with us.

Inside Out
Edition of 90
24 x 20 inches / 60.9 x 50.8 cm
Fine art print on Signa Smooth 300gsm paper with deckled edges
Hand signed and numbered by the artist

Photographed and printed by Static Medium

This special edition will be available this Friday, February 12 at 10am Los Angeles / 1:00pm NYC / 6pm London / 7pm Berlin / 2am (February 13) Hong Kong via our web shop

Please note there are NO pre-sales of any kind & no requests for specific numbers. Thank you.
On view through February 27 at Thinkspace

Click HERE to view the new works from Antono

NEW LOCATION: 4217 W. Jefferson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA. 90016

On view through February 27, 2021

Enter the surreal world of Roby Dwi Antono’s EPOS. Drawing on the title itself--which means an epic poem that ultimately recounts the extraordinary shaping of the mortal universe for generations to come in the hopes that both poet and audience will understand themselves better as people or nation--Antono paints starry-eyed children, mythological creatures and, for kicks, the occasional pop culture icons. True to EPOS, Antono always aims to convey a message within his paintings.
Roby Dwi Antono (b. 1990) is a surrealist painter based out of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. His visual language forms connections between classical renaissance paintings, futurism, and fantasy, and draws inspiration from science fiction and natural history.

“I would often say that my works contain a set of idioms which have very personal meanings to me. I leave some visual cues in my works which act as a melancholic conundrum, for my audiences to set their eyes and mind upon. I love it when people try to guess the message behind my works and in the end each person will have their own interpretation, which is good because it opens the way for another enriching dialogue between us. The human experience affects both the idea and visual aspect of my works.” - Roby Dwi Antono
Certain Scars Can't Be Seen

Click HERE to view the new works from Lebeau

NEW LOCATION: 4217 W. Jefferson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA. 90016

On view through February 27, 2021

Edith Lebeau is a Canadian artist based on the north shore of Montreal, Quebec. She lives in the countryside, surrounded by fields, forest and a distant horizon line.

Edith’s work is focused on mental health awareness. She tells stories through the portraits that she creates.

Certain Scars Can’t Be Seen is her debut solo exhibition with Thinkspace Projects, following numerous group show appearances over the last few years.
Lebeau is exploring through the eyes of different woman characters, the various fears and dark emotions that we have in the deepest recesses of our mind. She paints female figures who are facing their own insecurities. These women are left alone with these feelings and fears that we ourself try to forget and try to bury. 

Her work is about struggle, fear, insecurities but also about strength and hope. 

Edith wants to help break down the stigma surrounding mental illness and through her work she wants to help people who are dealing with mental illness know they are not alone. 

Empathy is always the key. Don’t judge, listen.
Special show with DULK in NYC on February 20
Excited to announce Ephemeral Treasures from DULK coming up on February 20 in NYC.

We are honored to be curating and co-hosting a DULK's debut NYC exhibition taking place with our good friends at Spoke Art.

On view February 20 through March 13, 2021 at:
Spoke Art
210 Rivington Street
New York, NY 10002

Opening Reception:
Saturday, February 20 from noon to 6pm
* masks and social distancing required / schedule your visit below

DULK's debut NYC solo exhibition will showcase new works on canvas and two new print editions alongside the debut of a new one of a kind sculpture and a new line of jewelry inspired by his work.

Collector Preview will be shared on Monday, February 15 via our newsletter. If you received this e-mail, you are all set. Thank you.
Thinkspace has come together with Spoke Art in New York City to present DULK's Ephemeral Treasures. They are pleased to present new paintings and the debut of a new sculpture by the Spanish painter and muralist, in what will be DULK's fourth solo exhibition with Thinkspace, on view from February 20-March 13, 2021. 

Antonio Segura Donat, known internationally by the pseudonym DULK, creates worlds of stylized Animalia and character creatures, striking an unlikely balance between the playful ease of children’s make-believe and the prescient threat of ecological doomsday. As surreal as they are foreboding, DULK’s works celebrate the beauty of nature’s biodiversity while simultaneously mourning the imminence of its loss. Much in the same way that fantasy actively invites collusion with nightmare, DULK’s extravagantly lush imagination, for all of its seductive warmth, is punctuated by premonitory distress, and poignantly aberrant, if not predictive, details.
Coming Up on March 6 at Thinkspace Projects

Opening Reception:
Saturday, March 6 from noon to 6pm
* masks and social distancing required at all times / schedule your visit via the link below

On view March 6 - March 27, 2021

Collector Preview will be shared on Monday, March 1 via our newsletter. If you received this e-mail, you are all set. Thank you.

Artist Statement:
There will always be a need to understand and represent people in a different way. This becomes our way of discovering and revealing who we truly are.

My love for drawing faces of everyday people through ripped paper was born from a need to identify Africans in major global contexts. The eye became a major feature for me as it expresses and exposes more about us than any other part of the human body. My process of caring less for other features of my subjects and focusing on the eyes intensifies my every approach to represent us differently to the world.

The focal point of my art is on black lives; recreating my experiences and those encountered by the people around me such as police brutality, lingering racism, xenophobia, culture conflict and shock. Working with charcoal and acrylic, I am able to invoke empathy in the viewer forcing socio-political thoughts and discourse, and making them aware enough to respond to what is going on in the society.

‘UBUNTU’ can be expressed in the phrase “I am because we are”. My works bring this ideology FULL CIRCLE around the world to remind people that we are all more a like than different. We do not only bleed red but we were created to coexist, thus, for humanity to reach its zenith as one, we all need to uplift each other across the boundaries of miles, oceans and continents as a way to let Dictators and Perpetrators know that they have not won and that we are all willing to stand as one.

All I’m doing is presenting you the truth with being black in a society crying out for UBUNTU. I believe we need this and many more conversations about our society to grow and pull the world out of the third world mentality that was inflicted on us by generations of imperialistic rulers.
Look Toward The Future, But Not So Far As To Miss Today

Opening Reception:
Saturday, March 6 from noon to 6pm
* masks and social distancing required at all times / schedule your visit via the link below

On view March 6 - March 27, 2021

Collector Preview will be shared on Monday, March 1 via our newsletter. If you received this e-mail, you are all set. Thank you.

Fumi Nakamura was born in December 1984 in a small town called Shimizu outside of Shizuoka, Japan. Fumi grew up surrounded by beautiful mountains and the ocean and this environment has had a lasting effect on her work. She moved to the United States just before her 12th birthday with her mother and brother. Fumi spent her middle school to college years in beautiful Northern California where she graduated from San Jose State University with a BFA Pictorial Arts degree in the fall of 2007.

Fumi currently lives in the New York City area where she currently works as a freelance illustrator and designer. Previously she was part of Takashi Murakami’s Kaikai Kiki production company. Her work has shown the world over as well as taking part in the prestigious Semi-Permanent design event in Australia (2005).
About Thinkspace Projects
Thinkspace Projects was founded in 2005; now in LA's burgeoning West Adams District, the gallery has garnered an international reputation as one of the most active and productive exponents of the New Contemporary Art Movement. Maintaining its founding commitment to the promotion and support of its artists, Thinkspace has steadily expanded its roster and diversified its projects, creating collaborative and institutional opportunities all over the world. Founded in the spirit of forging recognition for young, emerging, and lesser-known talents, the gallery is now home to artists from all over the world, ranging from the emerging, mid-career, and established.
The New Contemporary Art Movement, not unlike its earlier 20th Century counterparts like Surrealism, Dada, or Fauvism, ultimately materialized in search of new forms, content, and expressions that cited rather than disavowed the individual and the social. The earliest incarnations of the Movement, refusing the paradigmatic disinterest of "Art" as an inaccessible garrison of 'high culture', championed figuration, surrealism, representation, pop culture, and the subcultural. By incorporating the 'lowbrow,' accessible, and even profane, an exciting and irreverent art movement grew in defiance of the mandated renunciations of "high" art. Emerging on the West Coast in the 90's partly as a response to the rabid 'conceptual-turn' then championed on the East Coasts, the Movement steadily created its own platforms, publications, and spaces for the dissemination of its imagery and ideas.
Though the New Contemporary Art Movement has remained largely unacknowledged by the vetted institutions of the fine art world and its arbiters of 'high culture,' the future promises a shift. The Movement's formative aversion to the establishment is also waning in the wake of its increased visibility, institutional presence, and widespread popularity.
Thinkspace has sought to champion and promote the unique breadth of the Movement, creating new opportunities for the presentation of its artists and work. Though still very much invested in the elevation and exposure of its emerging talents, the gallery, now in its 13th year, has come into its own with a roster that reflects this maturity. An active advocate for what is now one of the longest extant organized art movement's in history, Thinkspace is an established voice for its continued growth and evolution.
The gallery has in recent years expanded its projects beyond Los Angeles, exhibiting with partner galleries and organizations in Berlin, Hong Kong, London, New York City, Detroit, Chicago, and Honolulu among many others, participating in International Art Fairs, and curating New Contemporary content for Museums. Committed to the vision, risk, and exceptional gifts of its artists, the gallery is first and foremost a family. From the streets to the museums, and from the "margins" to the white cube, Thinkspace is re-envisioning what it means to be "institutional."

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Thinkspace Projects | 310.558.3375 | 4217 W. Jefferson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90016

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