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Intimate Photographs of a Queer Couple in a Domestic Setting
... contemporary art, a relationship like theirs. “After finding that the only things that did exist [in the mainstream] were mainly made by gay men, I really ...
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Queers Who Brunch puts LGBTQ+ discourse into a full meal
“Then Izze and I met and we both care about queersart and culture and food, so this just really makes sense for us to collaborate.” Earlier this year ...
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Flamingo Market - Winter Wonderland Edition
Cat's Art Creations - Accessories/ Miniature Sculptures ... Lucky Little Queer - Patches/ Pins/ Hand-painted Clothing/ Prints/ Stickers/ T-shirts/ Mugs ...
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Whitman-Walker's Liz complex artfully adorned
“These pieces were designed specifically for Whitman-Walker's lobby by a queer artist in Baltimore,” Fenton says, motioning toward a row of minimalist ...
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Pennywild Is the Queer DJ Looking to Bring LGBTQ Culture to Mainstream Dance
"Creating art in any medium has always acted as a vehicle to express my truth," she says. "So I simply wouldn't see the point in creating something that ...
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Vaginal Davis exhibit at Art Institute in 2020
The Art Institute of Chicago is slated to run "Vaginal Davis: The White to Be Angry" Feb. 1-April 26, 2020. Davis is a key figure in the history of queer ...
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The 2019 Poz-To Awards
Poz-TO & POZPLANET are proud to present the 2019 POZ-TO Awards where we honour ten people from Toronto who are activists or work in the ...
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An Art-Inspired Gift Guide to Make Your Holidays Shine Bright
It's a classic text and worthy gift for any of the kids in your life (art-loving or .... set of playing cards adorned with portraits of her queer contemporaries.
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'Hung With Care' brings bawdy holiday spirit to The Linda
It will be performed twice on Friday — that is, Black Friday — at the WAMC Performing Arts Studio in Albany under the auspices of Big Gay Hudson ...
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Having it ALL: Arts + Literature Laboratory stakes a claim for grassroots arts downtown
Set up chairs for queer youth book club. ... “We were joking about having a performance art piece about what it's like to be a nonprofit arts space,” said ...
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