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Daily update  October 25, 2019
Two of European Art History's Most Dramatic Figures, Bernini and Caravaggio, Go Head to Head in ...
A new exhibition at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna gathers together works by leading Italian Baroque artists. Kate Brown, October 24, 2019.
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MOMA's Heady Introduction to Betye Saar, “The Conscience of the Art World”
Last year, the Getty Research Institute acquired Saar's archive, for its African American Art History Initiative, deeming her “the conscience of the art ...
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Samuels Public Library to host 'Degenerate Art' lecture
Samuels Public Library in Front Royal will host a lecture on an important period in art history on Tuesday. Titled “Degenerate Art: The Persecution of ...
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In the flesh: Kimbell exhibition dares to examine Renoir's nudes
Renoir is the dominant force, because we see him literally digesting art history and defining himself both with and against it. Occasionally, as in the ...
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Do Art Movements Still Matter?
It's no surprise that we often think of art history this way, too, grouping artists by the time, place, and medium in which they work. The term “.
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Actor Cheech Marin displaying private art collection 'Papel Chicano Dos' at the Loveland Museum
“This exhibit functions as an art history lesson in some ways, defining the earlier days of the Chicano art movement and the ways in which it addresses ...
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Double, double toil and trouble — a new exhibit on witchcraft opens at UC Irvine
Derek Quezada, outreach and public services librarian for UCI, said inspiration for the exhibit came out of work he was doing with a group of art history ...
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Q&A: Kate Hoffman, CEO of Spacey, on Breaking Down the Barriers to Investing in Art
I love art; I studied fine arts and art history in college as well as being a marketing major, and so I started thinking about what the art world looks like ...
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Spinozzi '01 To Bring Met Expertise to Hartwick College
During her return to campus, she will also meet with art history and English majors. In February, 2020, Spinozzi will host Hartwick alumni for a private ...
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Mary Margaret “Moo” Anderson
More than 30 doctoral candidates in art history at the university have interned at the Anderson family collection and the Anderson Collection at ...
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