Joel-Peter Witkin Incredible if Slightly Provocative and Even Creepy Photographer

Prom Foto, Bogota (2008)

The Scale, Bogota (2008)

Woman with Small Breasts, Paris (2007)

Objects Near a Window, Paris (2007)
Oedipus and Jocasta (2007)
Retablo, New Mexico (2007)

Myself as a Dead Clown (2007)

Ars Moriendi (2007)

Night in a Small Town (2007)

Bad Student (2007)

La Giovanissima (2007)

The Beginning of Fashion in Paris (2007)

Man Reflected (2007)

The Raft of George Bush (2006)

Dwarf from Naples (2006)

Countessa de Monblanc, Paris (2006)

Naked Follow the Naked Christ (2006)

The Red Table, The Skull of Boldini (2006)

Kertesz in Edo (2005)

The Poet (2005)

First Casting for Milo (2004)

Mother of the Future (2004)

Ecclesia Pederastes (2004)

  Portrait of Greg Vaughn (2004)
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Face of a Woman (2004)

Cuisine of a Failed Romance (2003)

Fictional Store Fronts: Camera Store
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Chinatown, New Mexico (2003)
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Eve Knighting Daguerre (2003)

Raphael and la Fornarina (2003)
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Severed Leg Weathervane (2003)
Click to see enlargement The Aleph (2001)
Still Life with Breast (2001)

Impedimenta (2000)

Corpus Medius (2000)

Humor and Fear, New Mexico
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Poussin in Hell, Paris
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Story from a Book, Paris (1999)

Shoe, Hat and Eggs (1999)

Queer Saint (1999)
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Interrupted Reading, Paris

Beauty Has 3 Nipples (1998)

A Day in the Country, Berlin (1998)
Click to see enlargement Studio, Berlin (1998)
Abundance, Prague

Female King, New Mexico

The Eggs of My Amnesia, Rome

Dog On A Pillow (1994)

Costumed Inmate, Insane Asylum (1993)

Satiro (1992)

Courbet in Rejlander's Pool, New Mexico (1985)

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