Colleen Browning

I just picked up a book on Colleen Browning.  I really like her work!


US $ 60
UK £ 37

January 2012
Artist Monograph

ISBN 13: 978-1-55595-366-9
ISBN: 1-55595-366-2
240 pages
11 x 12 in.
28 x 30 cm.
100 color plates
20 black & white
Exhibition information:
National Academy of Design, New York, NY
May 16–August 26, 2012
Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art
Ligonier, PA: August 22–November 3, 2012
Johnstown, PA: August 23–October 6, 2012
Altoona, PA: August 24–December 1, 2012
Loretto, PA: August 25–December 1, 2012

The Thomas J. Walsh Art Gallery, Quick Center for the Arts and Bellarmine Museum of Art, Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT
January 24–March 24, 2013
The Butler Institute of American Art,
Youngstown, OH
April 21–June 16, 2013
Amarillo Museum of Art, Amarillo, TX
October 25, 2013–-January 5, 2014
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Colleen Browning
The Enchantment of Realism

By Philip Eliasoph
Introduction by John T. Spike

I can make windows into a transformed world where the mundane becomes magical in an illuminated moment.
Colleen Browning

Colleen Browning (1918–2003) was a pivotal realist painter, one of the few women to achieve national recognition for a genre dominated primarily by men. Since childhood, Browning had the desire to be a painter. She attended London's Slade School of Fine Art from 1937–1939 and had her first solo exhibition at London's Little Gallery when she was 31 years old. She moved to America in 1949 from England and felt immediately at home in New York City—her home for the next five decades. A major figure in the realist movement during the 1950s, she took her inspiration and direction from the already established realist artists Joseph Hirsch, Ben Shahn, and George Tooker. Browning has a distinct brand of figurative painting, with subjects ranging from worshipers in a Guatemalan church to graffiti-covered Harlem subway cars to still life compositions. Her work is largely recognized for its superior command of materials and media and for her unwavering devotion to understanding the human condition. She was a prominent contributor to the realist revival of the 1990s, and she continued to paint until the very last years of her life.
In the 1950s, her work was shown at the Edwin Hewitt Gallery in New York, the destination for realist art of the decade, and she won numerous annual exhibition awards, including the Carnegie International. Her work was included in the National Academy of Design’s yearly exhibitions, and she exhibited at The Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art Biennial exhibitions, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and the Kennedy Galleries in New York. She was elected a National Academician in 1966 and served as an officer at the Academy. This is the first extensive study of her life and work produced during her 50-year career.

Colleen Browning from Hudson Hills Press on Vimeo.

"This book on Colleen Browning is something one almost never encounters: art history for grownups. So much art history is a children’s story with cardboard heroes and villains, a predictable story, and a neat-and-tidy moral. Philip Eliasoph’s book is something very different: it’s got the complexity of real life or of a good novel." -Henry Adams


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