Luck of the Draw!

Luck of the Draw
An Opportunity to Take Home a Lovely Piece of Art
worth twice the price of the ticket!

Here’s How it Works:

Buy a ticket to the event for $65.
(or more: one piece is given for each ticket)

Preview the pieces and list your choices.
(visit the Exhibit from December 1 until 2:45 P.M. Sunday, Dec. 9th)

The drawing begins promptly at
2:45pm, Dec. 9th
(All ticket stubs are put into a hat. The first one
drawn gets first choice of all! The next one gets
second choice and so on...Luck of the Draw )

Every ticket stub is drawn, Everyone wins!
Good Luck!

Preview: Dec. 1 - 9
Drawing: Dec. 9, 2:45pm
Santa Cruz Art League
526 Broadway
Santa Cruz, CA

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