New Painting (I'll be posting video soon)

So I just completed this painting called Bathers.  It's 20"x16" oil on masonite.
Available for sale on Etsy for $295

It's meant to be a sort of homoerotic painting sort of like Eakin's Swimming Hole

The above video is the ending segment to the larger video I recorded last week over several days while I made the painting.

I'll be doing more follow up posts with photographs and segments of the how to video that I recorded while I painted it.


  1. Everyone else had gone below, reading, napping or whatever. Holding onto the gunnel and looking up at Doug standing there, quiet on the deck, it felt like the whole world had gone below. And it seemed that I myself could easily disappear, even as I pulled up out of the water, so warm that my skin confused it with air. While the sky turned to steel,the ending of that last afternoon was a seamless long moment without history; and it was whole, with no need of consequence.

  2. This is awesome. A little bit like Hemingway crossed with Robert Frost. I like the tactile feeling described.

  3. Thank you. I was trying to talk about peak experience and not use the word "timeless". Still some cliches. Maybe I should try the Hemingway contest. Need to include whiskey somewhere. And thank YOU for the inspiring art and videos!