Traditional Realist School in San Francisco with Rob Anderson

If any of you are looking for a very good traditional realism program in San Francisco I suggest you study with Rob Anderson
 Visit his site here:
Here's what he has to say and what he teaches:
“I live for those “Aha!” moments with my students when their eyes light up, a concept takes hold and their art makes a quantum leap forward.”  –Rob Anderson
I teach a wide range of topics that focus on the figure and anatomy, the portrait and still life. My instruction is in drawing and painting in a variety of materials, primarily charcoal, pastel and oil. Ultimately, my goal is to enable students to use traditional techniques and processes to build successful careers in contemporary fine art and in numerous creative industries. These skills help today’s artists acquire a superior professional level for interpreting the reality of nature and the beauty of the human form.
My classes maintain a congenial atmosphere of understanding and respect in a relaxed and supportive environment. I believe this is essential to learning and is conducive to creating art that is not only a training ground of self-expression, but also a place of personal transformation.
In September of 2011, I will begin teaching out of my own facility in San Francisco. Three courses are offered with a small class size to allow guidance tailored to individual artistic goals.
Class details, including dates, times and location are available at the links below.
Saturday Figure Drawing And Anatomy Course
   Part I
   Part II
   Part III
   Part IV

Thursday Figure Painting Course
Weekday Classical Drawing Program
Weekday Classical Painting Program

Rob Portrait Rob working one-on-one with a student studying the sight-size method of drawing.

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