Preliminary drawing and step by step progress on a recent painting

The preliminary sketch, water soluble marker and watercolor on cold pressed watercolor paper.
 Payne's Gray oil paint thinned down with Galkyd Painting Medium and the drawing is done with burnt umber.
 I wiped out some of the lights with a rag soaked in Turpenoid.
Burnt umber with a sable brush (a big flat.)
 Darks are made of lamp black, alizarin crimson and scarlet.
 Flesh tones are cadmium orange, white and various mixtures of burnt umber and some of the black I mentioned above.
 Potchking and working out details.
I don't like the face on the figure on the right.  I wiped it out and started again much looser.

The finished painting, oil on masonite panel 11"x14"

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