Demonstration. A step by step visual of how I make a painting. Buoy oil on canvas 36"x48"

This is post relates to an earlier post I put up a while ago on how I paint a glass of water.  Here is a painting I did a year or two ago that is part of my series of "glass of water paintings."

First step for me was to lay out the drawing of the image with a charcoal pencil on this large canvas.
 I then painted everything in roughly in acrylic paint with white acrylic gesso as the white paint.  I always paint background to foreground if I can.  Sometimes I need to paint the whole thing at a time but I find I get nicer edges if I think back to front.
 After painting the background and the table and glass in acrylic, I switched to oil paint.  I use the same palette of colors in acrylic that I use in oil paint.  With oil paint I also make sure that I premix large batches of colors so that they are more or less consistent in terms of hue and value structure (shading.)  Go to this link to see detailed  step by step of how  I painted a clear vessel of water.  It's the glass in this painting.
With the glass of water done I move on to paint the shirts in oil too.   I can see how it might look a little paint by numbers here but in this case, I premixed and painted each section individually so that the shirt parts would remain consistent. 
 Letting the wet paint dry before I move on to the faces.
 I do not underpaint the faces in acrylic.  For faces I paint directly in oil.  I have a really in depth article on color mixing and portrait painting on my site if you want to know my method for painting portraits and my color scheme for portrait painting.

Buoy oil on canvas 36"x48" 

Renovated Reputations: A Collaborative Installation of Paintings, Fiction, Music and Vintage Furniture
by Kenney Mencher, Patrick Nelson and others at:
The Art Museum of Los Gatos, California
4 Tait Ave Los Gatos, CA 95030
December 1 - January 6
Reception: Saturday December 3, 2011 5PM-8PM 
Show up in costume and get into the photobooth!  You may end up being my next painting!
Price: FREE
Phone: (408) 395-7386
The Art Museum of Los Gatos presents Renovated Reputations, an immersive exhibition experience featuring works conceived as a collaboration in painting, creative fiction, and design. At once noir, bohemian and pulp in style, the works invite the viewer to step inside and sit awhile, discover their stories and spark engagement.
More info at:

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