Jamie Divina Erickson: The Winning Author of "Bob Frapples and the Apple Incident"

Bob Frapples and the Apple Incident, Jamie Divina Erickson

Bob's mother held his belongings in her hand, only having enough energy to grip them and not even formulate a cohesive thought.

She fingered the yo-yo, his favorite toy. She shuffled through papers she knew held the answers to her questions, but didn't bother looking at them.

A skull and cross bones on one, a drawing of his favorite teacher on the next. She slammed them on the table next to her before holding her face in her hands, feeling the tears drip through her fingers like the blood from his forehead.

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Wow! What a great bunch of stories!

The reasons why I chose Jamie’s story was the fact that it was powerful and evocative.  I could see a viewer reading this story and then taking yet another leap in their own head combining the narrative of Ms. Erickson’s story, with the painting, with their own ideas and person creating their own story in the interaction.  Don’t get me wrong though.  I loved all the stories for different reasons.

I liked Pheyos’ and Heather Ryan’s stories for the specificity of the details and the period feeling.  I especially like how Pheyos played with the title character’s name. The image of the yoyo coming down from the branches in Heather Ryan’s “Moving On” was haunting.  The dialogue in Dee Turbon’s story has an authenticity that’s striking, especially since the author lives in the UK. 
I think another strong story was James Thibeault’s “Bobby Frappe.”  I’ve been stuck behind the counter more than once in my career as a counter person and I’ve met some freaks in my day.  The racial component of the story was the wallop to it!

Thank you all for writing such wonderful stories!


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