Velasquez and Cherise

I’m a bit obsessed with Velasquez.  Especially one painting in particular called “The Water Carrier of Seville” 1619.
  (This title sort of sounds like Alfalfa singing, “I’m the barber of Seville.)
What I love about this painting has to do with the fading back of the figures, the heightened chiaroscuro and tenebrism, and check out the flow of the composition as it moves back into the shadows.  The faces are very interesting especially the old man AND check out that glass of water!  I’m pretty into painting glasses of water, check out my posts on it:

So, I posed some of my students.

Took some close up shots.
Here we go: Kenney Mencher's “The Water Carrier of Fremont” 48"x60"
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