My comic book. Another page.

I am very interested in what Will Eisner called "sequential art" and I've been doing extensive studies of the genre by reading Scott McCloud's books on the subject as well as reading graphic novels such as "Blankets" by by Craig Thompson.

I guess I'm starting to give in to my belief that illustration art is actually in some ways a higher art than so called "fine art." I think at times, I kept away from doing illustration because I was a fraid I didn't have enough skill. Now I've even done a couple of book covers!

The last couple of pages on my blog are studies and some finished works for a graphic novel/comic book that I am working on with author/screenwriter Paul Foley. These images are not in the correct order.

Come by my website
to see my latest stuff. I'm also working on some tutorials for my students in life drawing classes. Let me know if you want a direct link to the PDF.


  1. I've been following your pictures on here, and is this series about someone who commits suicide? The gasoline, the house on fire on the TV, guy in the tub? Guess I'll have to wait till the project is finished. Comic book or novel? I'll be watching for more updates.


  2. Hi Lisa,

    It looks like it's going to be a minimum of 90 pages. So I guess it's a "novel" but, some people think that the term "graphic novel" is pretentious so I'm not sure what to call it. It is based on an 89 page script that was meant to be a movie. Sort of a Coen brothers thingy.